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Welcome to American Training Company

American Training Company (ATC)'s mission is to help all of our clients become more successful. We do this by offering programs that provide skills and knowledge to improve businesses and individual growth.
Businesses and Business Professionals need skills beyond those required to deliver their product. Often these skills are learned “on-the-job” (if at all) and very often, too late!  It is our goal to positively and profoundly affect the success of those Businesses and Business Professionals by offering training and education on those needed business skills.

At the individual level, ATC offers programs to help those who are looking to grow.  For some, this includes financial and retirement planning.  For others, it may include personal growth or even an opportunity to learn a new hobby or skill.
Our programs are not simply classes, they are interactive knowledge events where participants can learn and enjoy the learning. We select our instructors very carefully; our choice is driven by their knowledge and also by their skills in teaching. We also select programs that are the most needed for businesses for their daily operation and for their long-term success. Programs aimed at individual growth and knowledge are selected in a similar manner keeping in mind the market niche and student base we are serving. 

Either way, we have a program just for you!

The team managing ATC has a massive business background and is able to select and provide the most convenient and value-based training. In fact, our senior team is composed of business consultants with international experience in Accounting, Taxes, Human Resources, Marketing and Advertising, Manufacturing and Business Operations, Organizational Development, Payroll and more.

If you are looking for a training source to provide the best quality and service, ATC is your best choice!